Bookroom Policies

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Policy on Book Sales at NCPS Meetings

The Poetry Society has a Book Sales table at its regular meetings (the third Saturday of January, March, May, and September), which are held at the Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities in Southern Pines, NC. One or more members of the Book Sales and Promotion Committee handle the sales.

We appreciate booksellers’ cooperation with the following policy, since the Poetry Society uses the Weymouth Center only on the meeting days and has very limited storage space for meeting-related materials:

Who May Sell Books

  • Any member of the Poetry Society may sell his or her books at the meetings. Member means anyone whose annual membership dues are paid as of the date(s) when books are to be sold.
  • A member, as defined above, who cannot attend a meeting may designate someone to handle his or her book sales.
  • Invited speakers who are not Poetry Society members may sell their books at the meetings for which they are presenting.
  • Publishers or literary magazine editors may sell poetry books at the meetings. Since the book-selling space is limited, books by Poetry Society members will be given a preference in the displays. Publishers or editors who would also like to display posters or other materials should make advance arrangements with the Book Sales Chairperson or the Poetry Society President (see Officers & Committees).
  • All booksellers are welcome to bring displays, brochures, postcards, or other materials related to their publications. Booksellers may distribute materials themselves or display those at the Book Sales table, depending on available space. Advance notice about the materials to be displayed would help the Book Sales chairperson.

The Sales Process

The committee members have a limited amount of cash on hand for change, so buyers are encouraged to pay by personal check. Buyers place their payment in envelopes marked with the seller’s name, the book title, the price, and the person to whom checks should be made payable.

Each seller is asked to send in information regarding the number of copies, the price, the person to whom a check should be made out, and so on, to the Book Sales Coordinator, whose contact info is listed at the bottom of this page. The Poetry Society does not add any taxes or other charges to the book sales.

Booksellers are asked to take their copies to the Book Sales table during the morning registration period, before the business meeting begins. The location of the Book Sales table varies, based on the programming plans, but signs will be posted at the Weymouth Center.

All booksellers are responsible for collecting their books, promotional materials (e.g., brochures, postcards), and money envelopes at the end of the meeting. Booksellers are asked to check in with a Book Sales committee member before leaving Weymouth, so the committee member can verify that only the bookseller (or the designated agent) is collecting the materials.

Payments that are unclaimed at the end of a meeting will be mailed to the bookseller, who will be asked to reimburse the Book Sales chairperson for any postal costs. Books that are unclaimed will be kept at the Weymouth Center until the next meeting but will not be displayed at that meeting, unless prior arrangements are made with the Book Sales chairperson. Books unclaimed after that meeting will be donated to a library or other nonprofit agency. Booksellers may make special arrangements for their books to be shipped back, but they must prepay all shipment costs.

Thank you for making books available at our meetings!

Contact the Book Sales Coordinator, Valerie Macon, at