Adult Contests Submission for Non-Members

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Special Note:  Non-Members would have to pay $95 to submit to all 11 of our contests. Membership in the society costs only $30 (or $10 for students), and you can purchase membership online.  So, if you are considering entering multiple contests, it may save you money to join the society before you submit!  More information on joining, including a link to an online sign-up form, can be found at

Full submission guidelines can be found at

Submissions by non-members to all adult contests sponsored by the North Carolina Poetry Society must be accompanied by a payment of $8.00 per poem, except for the Poet Laureate Award, for which the entry fee is $15.00.

Email Submission Instructions:

1) Send electronic submissions by email to:
2) Attach poems as a single MS Word attachment without any contact information. Attachments with identifying information will be disqualified.
3) In the cover email, include complete contact information: name, address, phone, and email address.
4) Also in the cover email, include the titles of individual poems, accompanied by the contest categories for which each is being submitted.
5) Payment of $8.00 is required for each poem submitted in all categories except the Poet Laureate Award. Submission fee for the Poet Laureate Award is $15.00.
6) Calculate the total submission fees and submit payment using the PayPal button below. (You may use your credit card for payment, if desired, rather than PayPal.)

Send your email with all information and attachments by 11:59 p.m. on January 19, 2018.