Policy Against Harassment

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The North Carolina Poetry Society is pledged to preserving a collegial, supportive environment free from sexual or other harassment. Harassment is against the law. Sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination. The aim of this policy is to prevent harassment of any kind by anyone associated with the Society.

Sexual harassment consists of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or unwanted sexual attention by anyone associated with NCPS, whether male or female. Harassment may include, but is not limited to, requests for dates, touching, staring at, obscene jokes, lewd comments, sexual depictions, or other inappropriate conduct committed either on or off premises used by the Society.

Verbal intimidation or threatening behavior are also prohibited, including physical actions short of actual contact or injury, general oral or written threats to people or property, and implied threats.

Victims of sexual harassment or threatening behavior have the right to address the situation by contacting representatives of the NCPS Board, who will advocate on their behalf, while insuring their safety.

If you have experienced harassment, please feel free to contact NCPS volunteers Jaki Shelton Green or Pat Riviere-Seel, who will handle your situation with the utmost care.

Any person who engages in harassment at any NCPS event or who uses any electronic means to make a threat against a member of the Society shall be removed from the premises as quickly as safety permits, and shall remain barred from future events pending the outcome of an investigation. Subsequent to the investigation, the NCPS will respond appropriately. This response may include, but is not limited to, suspension or termination of membership, suspension and/or termination of any business relationship, and/or the pursuit of criminal prosecution of the person or persons involved.