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NCPS Membership

Membership in the North Carolina Poetry Society is a fantastic way to become part of the large poetry community in North Carolina, and to support the meetings and programs that we provide across the state. Thank you for your membership and ongoing support.

To become a member, see the below information about how to submit your membership form.

We have two ways for individuals to submit your membership form and dues:

  • Online submission: To submit your membership information and NCPS dues, click on the Donate button below to link to PayPal.  (You can also use your credit card.)  Fill in all fields and make sure to check the box to share your address with the NC Poetry Society.
  • Regular mail submission: Click here to access a printable submission form, which you can fill out and send with payment via regular mail.
  • For general membership questions and concerns, write to Joan Barasovska, Membership Chair, at

 Membership Makes a Difference!

Donations, grants, and entry fees contribute to all of the North Carolina Poetry Society’s programs, but none of these programs are entirely self-supporting. Making the difference in the cost of these programs is where membership dues come in. For just $30 per year, you can know that you help fund the North Carolina Poetry Society’s quarterly meetings and newsletters that keep the state’s poets in touch with each other and with developments and opportunities in poetry around the state. You can know that you help fund the Brockman-Campbell Book Award for the state’s best book of poetry, as well as the full range of NCPS contests for adults and students. You can know that you help fund the Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poetry Series and other poetry workshops around the state that bring experienced, published poets and educators together with those who are just beginning. You can know that you help publish the annual awards anthology, Pinesong, and help make possible special programs.

Consistent payment of your annual membership dues makes this difference in these and many other opportunities to keep NC poetry alive and well.

If you need the file (PDF format) for the NCPS Membership Brochure, to hand out at your event or at a NCPS event, it can be downloaded here:  NCPS Membership Brochure.