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The North Carolina Poetry Society is an all-volunteer organization that seeks to support poets throughout the state; to nurture new poets of all ages; to provide readings, workshops, and other poetry-related activities in all regions; and to increase the presence of poetry as an art form in public awareness and civic institutions.  Membership dues alone cannot support these high-minded goals, so we encourage you to support the Poetry Society in whatever ways you find meaningful.  Here are some areas for you to consider for financial support:

Endowment of the Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poet Series

Support for Poetry Out Loud and other programs in the schools

Sponsorship to help bring guest poets from out of state

Support for publications and our two book awards

Here are our lyric-themed giving levels: Epic ($1,000 or more), Ode ($700-999), Sestina ($400-699), Sonnet ($100-399), and Haiku ($50-99).  We appreciate your contribution, however large or small, to further our extensive programs. To make a donation, click on the Donate button below.  Even better, send an email to ncpsdonations(at) and indicate your preference for how we can make best use of your contribution.

Special thanks to our recent donors: Robin Smith, Katherine Soniat, and Weymouth Center for the Arts.  These donations allow us to enhance our programming (readings, workshops) and increase our outreach to schools and community centers throughout the state.

Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Thank you!