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Brockman-Campbell Winners

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Formerly the Zoe Kincaid Brockman Award (1977-1996)

This award is given annually for the book of poetry judged to be the best published by a North Carolinian in the preceding year.

2016 – Domestic Garden by John Hoppenthaler.  Honorable Mention:  strange theater by John Amen; Astir by Kevin Boyle; and Salt Moon by Noel Crook.

2015 – Her Small Hands Were Not Beautiful by Kathryn Kirkpatrick.  Honorable Mention: The Angel Dialogues by Anthony S. Abbott and Day of the Border Guards by Katherine E. Young.

2014 – Placeholder by Charlaine Cadreau and My Dear, Dear Stagger Grass by Susan Laughter Meyers.

2013 – Our Held Animal Breath by Kathryn Kirkpatrick. 

2012 – If Words Could Save Us by Anthony S. Abbott and An Innocent in the House of the Dead by Joanna Catherine Scott (co-winners).  Honorable Mention: Rim by Steve Lautermilch.

2011 – Long Lens: New and Selected Poems by Peter Makuck. 

2010 – The Real Warnings by Rhett Iseman Trull.

2009 – A Necklace of Bees by Dannye Romine Powell.

2008 – Need-Fire by Becky Gould Gibson.

2007 – Keep and Give Away by Susan Meyers.

2006 – Fainting at the Uffizi by Joanna Catherine Scott.

2005 – Possum by Shelby Stephenson.

2004 – The Dark Takes Aim by Julie Suk.

2003 – The Ecstasy of Regret by Dannye Romine Powell.

2002 – Intervale: New and Selected Poems by Betty Adcock.

2001 – Topsoil Road by Robert Morgan.

2000 – Small Potatoes by Mary Kratt.

1999 – Black Shawl by Kathryn Stripling Byer.

1998 – Daylight and Starlight by James Applewhite.

1997 – The Body’s Horizon by Kathryn Kirkpatrick.

1996 – Mortal World by Deborah Pope.

1995 – Snake Dreams by Barbara Presnell.

1994 – Waiting to Know the End by Judy Goldman.

1993 – Salt Works by Michael Chitwood.

1992 – The Complete Bushnell Hamp Poems by Stephen Smith.

1991 – The Light as They Found It by James Seay.

1990 – Lessons in Soaring by James Applewhite.

1989 – Beholdings by Betty Adcock and First Light by Jim Wayne Miller.

1988 – Pilgrims by Peter Makuck.

1987 – Birch-Light by R. T. Smith.

1986 – The Work of the Wrench by Charles Edward Eaton.

1985 – Acquist by Elizabeth Sewel.

1984 – The Thing King by Charles Edward Eaton.

1983 – Night Fishing on Irish Buffalo Creek by Stephen Knauth.

1982 – A Coast of Trees by Archie R. Ammons.

1981 – Earthsleep by Fred Chappell.

1980 – Terra Amata by Kathryn Bright Gurkin and Middle Creek Poems by Shelby Stephenson.

1979 – There Is No Balm in Birmingham by Ann Deagon.

1978 – House on the Saco by P. B. Newman.

1977 – Half-After Love by John Moses Pipkin.

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