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Abbott, Anthony

  • If Words Could Save Us
    • Publisher:   Lorimer Press (2011)   Davidson, NC
    • “Oh Lord what a wonderful book – joyous and profound.” -Lee Smith
    • “stunning in both craftsmanship and sensibility…” -Robert Hedin
    • “Charm is difficult to define but we know it when we see it and we see it on every page of Anthony Abbott’s elegantly crafted, moving poems…” -Joel Connaroe
  • New and Selected Poems 1989-2009
    • Publisher:   Lorimer Press (2009)   Davidson, NC
    • “Ah, now, here’s a poet, one who knows that life is lived in the past as much as the present. These are poems that revive the soul.” -Ray Olson, Booklist starred review
    • “Abbott suggests moments of grace when the needs of the heart and the evidence of the eye shift into balance.” -James Owens, Pedestal Magazine
  • The Three Great Secret Things
    • Publisher:   Main Street Rag Publishing (2007)   Charlotte, NC/li>
    • “takes us back into that strange era, that oddly innocent time, when a boy could lose his heart to God, poetry, and a bright sassy girl all at once—and on purpose.” -Josephine Humphreys
  • The Man Who
    • Publisher:   Main Street Rag Publishing (2005)   Charlotte, NC
    • “When poetry has enabled us to see our own breath, it has fulfilled its promise.” -Kathryn Stripling Byer
  • Leaving Maggie Hope

    • Publisher:   Novello Festival Press (2003)   Charlotte, NC
    • Anthony Abbott’s inspiring debut novel is a beautiful story about a boy’s troubled family life and his remarkable survival.” -Jill McCorkle
  • The Search for Wonder in the Cradle of the World
    • Publisher:   St. Andrews Press (2000)   Laurinburg, NC
    • “Realistic, specific, touch, tender and full of a lyric keening.” -Maxine Kumin
  • A Small Thing Like a Breath
    • Publisher:   St. Andrews Press (1993)   Laurinburg, NC
    • “achingly real, as so much current poetry is not…” -Lee Smith
  • The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat
    • Publisher:   St. Andrews Press (1989) Laurinburg, NC
    • “Tony Abbott’s direct and lyrical poems float through a rich landscape charged with the twin terrors of tragedy and possibility.” -Peter Meinke

Contact:   Anthony Abbott
PO Box 898
Davidson, NC 28036

Adams, Sandra Ervin

      • Through a Weymouth Window

        • Publisher:   Reimann Books (2011)   Richlands, NC
        • This poetry chapbook is a collection of 20 poems that were started while the author was a writer-in-residence at Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities in Southern Pines, NC. They are all about the Boyd family, the historic house, and gardens.
      • Union Point Park Poems

        • Publisher:   The Publishing Laboratory UNCW (2006)   Wilmington, NC
        • This collection of poetry contains ten “snapshot” poems written over a two-year-period at Union Point Park, New Bern, NC. They originated from close observation and the putting together of details to form a mood.

Contact:   Sandra Ervin Adams

Albrecht, Malaika King

      • Lessons in Forgetting
        • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2010) Charlotte, NC.
        • “Malaika King Albrecht is a master of placement. These poems take the reader through the ups and downs of dealing with Alzheimer’s in such an honest, unblinking fashion that they read almost as a single heart-wrenching, …joy-keeping piece. Of course, as the poems are so well-placed in relation to each other, so is the collection perfectly placed in time…” –Scott Owens

Contact: Malaika King Albrecht
62 Kilbride Dr, Pinehurst, NC 28374


Baddour, Margaret Boothe

      • Scheherazade
        • Publisher:   St. Andrews Press (2009)   Laurinburg, NC
        • My first book since Easy Magic moves through regions of the eternal feminine and is divided into four parts, all about women’s names and identities: Scheherazade, Mary of the Moon, The Transit of Venus, and The Properties Mistress.

Contact:   Margaret Boothe Baddour
125 Pineridge Lane, Goldsboro, NC 27534

Blackhurst, James D.

      • Love & Loss: poems of life’s contrasts
        • Publisher: The Black Douglas Publishing Company (2011), Durham NC
      • Seasons: a collection of poems
        • Publisher: The Black Douglas Publishing Company (2005), Durham NC

Contact: James D. Blackhurst

Brown, Grey

      • When They Tell Me
        • Publisher:   Finishing Line Press (2009)   Georgetown, KY
        • A chapbook of poems narrating the author’s experience raising a daughter on the autism spectrum. “In intimate conversation with the reader, conversation that never becomes maudlin or overwrought, the poet takes us with her through the grief and fierce love, the wrenching knowledge and stone acceptance – and her joyous moments – as the mother of an autistic daughter.” – Betty Adcock
      • Staying In

        • Publisher:   Harper Prints (1992)   Hendersonville, NC
        • Winner of the 1992 North Carolina Writers’ Network Poetry Chapbook competition. “Staying In is a wonderful collection of poems – heartbreaking, tough and true. Grey Brown takes on the difficult past, layered like dirty wax on a grade school floor: the limitations of living in a small tobacco town, and especially the complexities of family dynamics….”

Contact:   Grey Brown
604 Bolin Creek Dr., Carrboro, NC 27510

Buckner, Sally

      • Collateral Damage
        • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2007) Charlotte, NC
        • Collection of poems about humanity’s propensity for war; I am the author.
      • Word and Witness: 100 Years of North Carolina Poetry
        • Publisher:   Carolina Academic Press (1999)   Durham, NC
        • Anthology of NC poems written during the 20th century; brief bios of the poets as well as historical notes about the development of poetry in this state during that time; I am the editor.
      • Our Words, Our Ways: Reading and Writing in North Carolina
        • Publisher:   Carolina Academic Press (1991, 1995)   Durham, NC
        • Anthology of North Carolina writings designed to accompany eighth-grade studies of NC history; writings, brief biographies, “previews,” and language notes. A teachers’ guide is also available. I am the editor.
      • Strawberry Harvest

        • Publisher: St. Andrews Press (1986) Laurinburg, NC
        • Poetry collection; I am the author.

Contact:   Sally Buckner
164 Wee Loch Dr., Cary, NC 27607


Campanella, Ann

      • What Flies Away
        • Publisher:   Main Street Rag (2006)   Charlotte, NC
        • The story in poetry of the author’s mother’s descent into Alzheimer’s, her father’s death, and the miracle of her daughter’s birth.
      • Outrunning the Rain

        • Publisher:   Mount Olive College Press (2006)   Mount Olive, NC

Contact:   Ann Campanella
15015 Black Farms Rd., Huntersville, NC 28078

Carter, Catherine

      • The Swamp Monster at Home
        • Publisher: Louisiana State University Press (2012) Baton Rouge, LA
        • Nominated by LSU Press for Pulitzer Prize and Kingsley Tufts.
        • Appeared on Poetry Foundation’s list of best-selling poetry collections in March 2012
      • The Memory of Gills
        • Publisher:   Louisiana State University Press (2006)   Baton Rouge, LA
        • Winner of the NC Literary and Historical Association’s Roanoke-Chowan Award, 2007
        • Nominated by LSU Press for Pulitzer, National Book Award, and Kate Tufts Prizes

Contact:   Catherine Carter

Carty, Jessie

      • MORPH
        • Publisher: Sibling Rivalry Press (2013) – full length collection
      • An Amateur Marriage
        • Publisher: Finishing Line Press (2012) – chapbook
        • Finalist for the 2011 Robert Watson Prize
      • Fat Girl
        • Publisher: Sibling Rivalry Press (2011) – chapbook
      • Paper House
        • Publisher: Folded Word (2010) – full length collection
        • Winner of the 2010 NCPA
      • The Wait of Atom
        • Publisher:Folded Word (2009) – chapbook
        • Who knew you could use the periodic table of elements as inspiration for a chapbook?
      • At the A & P Meridiem
        • Publisher: Pudding House (2009) – chapbook

Contact: Jessie Carty

Caywood , Bud

      • Five of a Kind
        • Publisher:   Amaranth Press (2007)   Hickory, NC
        • Chapbook of reflections on beginnings, endings, and the spirituality of self
      • The Feather Collector
        • Publisher:   Amaranth Press (2005)   Hickory, NC
        • Chapbook of traditional Japanese haiku including selected haiku by Gina Ball.
      • Wings Like Rain
        • Publisher:   Amaranth Press (2005)   Hickory, NC
        • A chapbook of poems exploring the sensuality of rain.
      • Art
        • Publisher:   Amaranth Press (2004)   Hickory, NC
        • A chapbook of new poems and selected art by the author.
      • Like Paper Dolls

        • Publisher:   Amaranth Press (2004)   Hickory, NC
        • A chapbook of new and selected poems and prose.
      • North Toward Noon
        • Publisher:   Amaranth Press (2004)   Hickory, NC
        • A collection of poems about mountains and rivers.
      • The River
        • Publisher:   Amaranth Press (2004)   Hickory, NC
        • Chapbook about rivers and the language of water.
      • They Still All Burst At Once
        • Publisher:   Amaranth Press (2003)   Hickory, NC
        • Chapbook of poetry about gardens and flowers.
      • Blue
        • Publisher:   Amaranth Press (2001)   Hickory, NC
        • A first collection of selected poems. Poetry about people and places and the natural world.

Contact:   Bud Caywood
434 River Haven Drive, Taylorsville, NC 28681

Collins, Kathie

      • Jubilee
        • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2011), Charlotte, NC
        • A Chapbook

Contact: Kathie Collins

Connolly, Nancy Kenney

      • Second Wind
        • Publisher: MoppetWorks (2007) Austin, TX
        • A book of personal and philosophical reflections.
      • 33 Shades of Green
        • I Take This World
          • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2002) Charlotte, NC
          • Multicultural poems set in India. Winner of the 2002 Main Street Rag chapbook contest.
        • Publisher: Self (2001) Atlanta, GA
        • With co-author and artist, Jeannine Sharkey.
      • The Color of Dust
        • Publisher:   Old Mountain Press (1999)   Fayetteville, NC
        • Lyric reflections on life.

Contact:   Nancy Kenney Connolly
222 Old Fayetteville Rd., # K-203, Carrboro, NC 27510

Copeland, Beth

      • Transcendental Telemarketer
        • Publisher: BlazeVOX [books] (2012), Buffalo, NY
      • Traveling through Glass
        • Publisher: Bright Hill Press, (2000), Treadwell, NY

Contact: Beth Copeland

Crowley, Timothy

      • Immigration Emigration Diversity: An Anthology
        • Publisher:   The Chapel Hill Press, Inc. (2005)   Chapel Hill, NC
        • Editors:   Timothy F. Crowley,   Jaki Shelton Green
        • This collection of poetry chronicles the ebb and flow of humankind, a movement that brings days and nights of unrest and creates the vitality of barriers both crossed and softened every day. Note: All earnings from this effort are deposited in the fund and used to finance any future events associated with it.

Contact:   Timothy Crowley
203 Old Forest Creek Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27514


Dare, Robin

      • Transponder
        • Publisher:   Rank Stranger Press (2006)   Mt. Olive, NC
        • A chapbook of mostly prose poems that mix passion with verbal facility and humor.

Contact:   Robin Dare
108 St. John’s Ct., Chocowinity, NC 27817

Doolittle, Deborah H.

      • That Echo
        • Longleaf Press (2003) Fayetteville, NC
        • Chapbook of poems about love and family
      • No Crazy Notions
        • North Carolina Writers’ Network & Birch Brook Press (2001) Carrboro, NC & Delhi, NY
        • Chapbook of quilting (and other domestic arts) poems

Contact: Deborah H. Doolittle
103 Jean Circle, Jacksonville, NC 28540

Dotson, Ray

      • And the Night Rumbles Past
        • Publisher:   Mt. Olive College Press (1992)   Mt. Olive, NC
        • Winner of the first annual Mt. Olive College Press Chapbook Contest.

Contact:   Ray Dotson
174 Quail Dr., Dudley, NC 28333


Erickson, Terri Kirby

      • Telling Tales of Dusk
        • Publisher:   Press 53 (2009)   Winston-Salem, NC
        • Coupling the candor and aplomb of Olds with the more profound and lyrical of Lux, Terri Kirby Erickson’s subject matter spans the width between a lone Ferris wheel at a county fair and the vagaries of aging in the face of youth. — Jubal Tiner, editor of Pisgah Review.

Contact:   Terri Kirby Erickson
130 Sedgewick Ridge Ct., Winston-Salem, NC 27023


Ferree , John

      • Road Dreaming – Poems from a Riding Life
        • Publisher:   Self (2001)   Asheboro, NC
        • Poems about the places, roads, people, and moments experienced while traveling around the country alone on motorcycles.

Contact:   John Ferree
4485 Fork Creek Mill Road, Seagrove, NC 27341

Fuller, Janice Moore

      • Séance
        • Publisher: Iris Press (2007), Oak Ridge, TN
        • A full-length collection of poems.
      • Sex Education
        • Publisher:   Iris Books (2004)   Oak Ridge, TN
        • A full-length collection of poems.
      • Archeology Is a Destructive Science
        • Publisher: Scots Plaid Press (1997), Whispering Pines, NC
        • A chapbook.

Contact:   Janice Moore Fuller
322 E. Council St. #2A, Salisbury, NC 28144


Gray, Jacqueline Elva

      • The Spiral Mind
        • Publisher:   Potts, Potts-Gonzales (1999)   Durham, NC
        • 1999 Persephone Award. Uses Meso-American motifs: The Creative process/Calendar Cycle of the Milky Way prophecy we can change/The maya Medicine wheel. The Way of right relationships. Illustrations in color.

Contact:   Jacqueline Elva Gray
2125 Sheffield Rd., Raleigh, NC 27610

Griffin, Bill

      • Barb Quill Down
        • Publisher:   Pudding House Publications (2004)   Columbus, Ohio
        • A finalist in the annual Looking Glass Poetry Chapbook Competition. 30 poems divided into three sections. Not about birds, but in each poem a bird appears as image or metaphor.

Contact:   Bill Griffin
131 Bon Aire Rd., Elkin, NC 28621


Hedge Coke, Allison

    • Blood Run
      • Publisher:   Earthworks Series, Salt Publishing (2006)   Cambridge, England. US Edition (2007)
      • This volume testifies to the need to protect the remarkable ruins of the Indigenous North American city of Blood Run and the sacred remains she guards there in mounded tombs. The persona poems herein emanate its character embraced in architectural accomplishment designed in accordance with the sun and moon and multitudes of stars above.
      • Activist poetry: Beginning narrative poem was crucial testimony in lobbying for creation of the Blood Run Native American Historical Site, a South Dakota State Park.
    • Off-Season City Pipe
      • Publisher:   Coffee House Press (2005)   Minneapolis, MN
      • Labor poetry, NC-centric. In poems as beautiful in their telling as they are powerful in their ethos, poet and memoirist Hedge Coke draws upon her background as a tobacco sharecropper, factory worker and fisherwoman, articulating the stark contrast between a tradition of labor that instills pride and builds strong communities with the modern-day reality of backbreaking work that fails to provide sustenance for the land or its people.
    • Rock, Ghost, Willow, Deer
      • Publisher:   The University of Nebraska Bison Books (2004)   Lincoln, NE
        • In a style at once elliptical and achingly clear, Hedge Coke describes her schizophrenic mother and the abuse that often overshadowed her childhood; the torments visited upon her, the rape and physical violence; and those she inflicted on herself, the alcohol and drug abuse. Yet she managed to survive with her dreams and her will, her sense of wonder and promise undiminished.

      “Razor-sharp.”—Chris Rubich, Billings Gazette

  • Dog Road Woman
    • Publisher:   Coffee House Press (1997)   Minneapolis, MN
    • Autobiographical sketch of Hedge Coke, a mixed-blood woman, presented in her debut collection of poems.
    • “These are songs of righteous anger and utter beauty.” – Joy Harjo
      “A welcome new voice in American Poetry.” – Jessica Hagedorn
      “Allison Hedge Coke is a skilled, spirited, young poet who is transforming and honing her social and personal experience and reflection to speak with the voice of a whole people. This is a very formidable task, but it is, finally, the work we’ve chosen. She’s up to it.” – Amiri Baraka
  • The Year of the Rat

    • Publisher:   Grimes (1996)   Ventura, CA
    • Eighteen page poem of bubonic plague coupled with an essay from the same year


  • Sing: Indigenous Poetry of the Americas, Editor
    • Publisher:   University of Arizona Press (2011)   In-press
    • Editor and poet Allison Hedge Coke assembles this multilingual collection of Indigenous American poetry, joining voices old and new in songs of witness and reclamation. Unprecedented in scope, Sing gathers more than eighty poets from across the Americas, covering territory that stretches from Alaska to Chile, and features familiar names like Sherwin Bitsui, Louise Erdrich, Joy Harjo, Lee Maracle, and Simon Ortiz alongside international poets–both emerging and acclaimed–from regions underrepresented in anthologies.
  • Effigies, Editor
    • Publisher:   Salt Publications (2009)   Cambridge, England
    • “What a shape-shifting moment, this release of four lush and necessary voices into the open air. Linked by blood and fevered lyric, dg nanouk okpik, Cathy Tagnak Rexford, Brandy Nalani McDougall and Mahealani Perez-Wendt offer up unapologetic and unflinching lessons that, as okpik says in the astonishing “Corpse Whale,” shove “sinew back into the threaded bones of the land.” Individually, each of these voices would be a revelation. Collectively, they’re a revolution.” -Patricia Smith
  • Bone Light, Series Acquisition Editor
    • Publisher:   Red Hen Press (2009)   Pasadena, CA
  • To Topos. Ahani: Indigenous American Poetry, Guest Editor
    • Publisher:   Poetry International (2006)
    • Ahani: Indigenous American Poetry serves as an inlet to vast multi-cultural/multi-dimensional diversity of peoples whose presence extinguishes the very intention of colonization to a great degree. It is a tribute to various nations within a hemisphere of cultures wherein everything is relative despite some multi-millennial oppressions, holocausts, and subsequent suppressions intending to eradicate and erase relative principle and the people thereof. It is a mere sampling of contemporary voice from some of the millions of human beings peopling the Americas since time began.
  • They Wanted Children, Editor
    • Publisher:   Sioux Falls School District Press (2003)   Sioux Falls, SD
    • An anthology of coping, from American Indian, Sudanese, Latino, African American and other students of color and diverse experience attending Lincoln High School.
  • Coming to Life, Editor
    • Publisher:  Sioux Falls School District Press (2002)   Sioux Falls, SD
    • An anthology of writing providing meditative field in the aftermath of the 9-11 events, from the four Sioux Falls high schools.
  • Voices of Thunder, Co-Editor
    • Publisher:   Institute for the American Indian Arts (1993)   Santa Fe, NM
  • It’s Not Quiet Anymore, Senior Editor
    • Publisher:   Institute for the American Indian Arts (1992)   Santa Fe, NM

Contact:   Allison Hedge Coke

Hobbs, Elizabeth

  • A Craving for the Goatman
    • Publisher:   Goose River Press (2003)   Waldoboro, Maine
    • Refers to the mythological figure of Pan. The poems are a rich mixture of the pleasures of love, the pain of loss, political turmoil, humor, the wonders of of art, the thrill of discovery. Available on CD as well.
  • Poems from the Lake
    • Publisher:   Goose River Press (2003)   Waldoboro, Maine
    • Provides an intimate glimpse into long summers at a Maine lakeside cottage. Available on CD as well.

Contact:   Elizabeth Hobbs
2022 Wilson St., Durham, NC 27705

Hoppenthaler, John

  • Anticipate the Coming Reservoir
    • Publisher: Carnegie Mellon University Press (2008) Pittsburgh, PA
  • Lives of Water
    • Publisher: Carnegie Mellon University Press (2003) Pittsburgh, PA

Contact: John Hoppenthaler
East Carolina University
304 Erwin Building,, Greenville, NC 27858


Johanson, Arnie

  • A Man and a Horse

    • Publisher:   Ortenstone Press (2007)   Durham, NC
    • A philosopher’s poetic reflections on life, mostly humorous, but always serious.

Contact:   Arnie Johanson
17 Governors Place, Durham NC 27705

Jones, Shirley

  • Journey Home
    • Publisher: Author House (2011), Bloomington, IN
    • This poetry collection reflects farm life in the 1950-60’s before many customs vanished with technological changes. As you travel into nostalgia, you will also cherish the unforgettable characters who experienced the universal feelings of joy, sadness, hope, and humor.

Contact: Shirley D Jones
13140 Andrew Jackson Highway
Laurinburg, NC 28352


Kaufman, Debra

  • The Next Moment
    • Publisher: Jacar Press (2010) Durham, NC
  • Moon Mirror Whiskey Mind
    • Publisher: Pudding House Press (2009) Columbus, Ohio
  • A Certain Light
    • Publisher: Emrys Press (2001) Greenville, SC
  • Still Life Burning
    • Publisher: Poetry Society of South Carolina (1997) Mt. Pleasant, SC
    • Winner of the Kinloch Rivers Chapbook Competition, 1996.
  • Family of Strangers
    • Publisher: Nightshade Press (1990) Troy, Maine

Contact:   Debra Kaufman
207 W. Holt St., Mebane, NC 27302

King, Nancy Tripp

  • Tobacco Blossoms and the Pulled-Tight Twine
    • Publisher:   Main Street Rag (2003)   Charlotte, NC

Contact:   Nancy Tripp King
402 Decatur Rd., Jacksonville NC 28540

Krawiec, Richard

  • She Hands Me The Razor (Press 53, 2010)

    • Publisher: Press 53  (2011) Winston-Salem, NC
    • The poems of Richard Krawiec are not unflinching. The things they discover, observe, and reveal might cause anyone to flinch. But this poet does not avert his gaze; he sees and endures and at last achieves a dearly bought and perhaps unexpected grace. I admire this collection enormously because I never doubted, always thinking, “Yes, this is how it must have been.” Powerful experiences powerfully rendered with an art that seems almost casual. I salute this high, rude accomplishment.”  — Fred Chappell, former North Carolina Poet Laureate and author of Shadow Box: Poems
  • Editor of The Sound of Poets Cooking
    • Publisher: Jacar Press (2010) Raleigh, NC
    • Featuring work by five dozen poets, including NC Poet Laureates Fred Chappell and Kathryn Stripling Byer, and dozens of other nationally celebrated writers. The poems alternate with recipes written by the poets, their family members, lovers and friends. The writing is at turns sensuous, hilarious, elegant, and playful. The recipes range from Asian, through European, to Middle Eastern dishes, as well as regional favorites from across the U.S.–tiramisu, homemade curry, vegetarian meals, exotic seafood, some simple, some complex. There is something here for every palate, literary and culinary.
    • Proceeds from the sales of this book will be used to fund writing workshops in excluded communities.
  • Breakdown: A Father’s Journey
    • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2008) Charlotte, NC
    • A poetic journal of a father’s struggle to endure a wife’s mental illness and protect his sons from her destructive demons. “Krawiec’s courageous, unblinking art has created a collection that is both terrifying and beautiful. The poems that he has wrought from this struggle are harrowing, yet tender. They are, finally, nothing less than love poems.” – Kay Byer

Contact:   Richard Krawiec
319 Wilmot Dr., Raleigh NC 27606


Lader, Bruce

  • Fugitive of Hope
    • Publisher:   Cervena Barva Press (2014)   Somerville, MA
    • Bruce Lader’s new collection, Fugitive Hope, begins with attractive, jazzy pizzazz and over four sections deepens, broadens, and sweetens, as a pastoral symphony might, into gratitude for life, nature, and his wife, who bears the mysteries of faith and hope. It is an astonishing journey, beautiful and hopeful.  —Kelly Cherry
  • Embrace
    • Publisher: Big Table Publishing Company (2010) Newton, MA
    • Embrace is about the fundamental human need for love, a big, risky subject handled with admirable poise. Poignant and thoughtful, witty and intense, these poems hold the reader in a verbal embrace and don’t let go.”–Alan Shapiro
  • Landscapes of Longing
    • Publisher:   Main Street Rag (2009)   Charlotte, NC
    • “The longing in this book is for justice, for lives lived without emotional and physical harm, for understanding of what retribution really means, and the complex aspects of true forgiveness….a powerful, unsparing, and yet tender book about the realities of self and culture that have assailed us since the beginning of human time.” -Kathryn Stripling Byer
  • Discovering Mortality
    • Publisher:   March Street Press (2005)   Greensboro, NC
    • 80 pages, Brockman-Campbell Book Award Honorable Mention. Fred Chappell: “wry and pointed humor, pungent details, and telling episodes—contains enough strong material for several volumes.”

Contact:   Bruce Lader
713 Barksdale Dr., Raleigh NC 27604

Ledford, Brenda Kay

  • Shew Bird Mountain
    • Publisher: Finishing Line Press (2006) Georgetown, KY
    • These poems come out of the distinct culture of southwestern North Carolina, a world in her poems full of a past which is present, lively with memories of quiltings, blackberry pickings, and the changing seasons around Shew Bird Mountain. And her family is everything to her here. You will read the book often to feel a way of life that, even as it changes, cannot ever be forgotten.
  • Patchwork Memories
    • Publisher:   Self (1998)   Hayesville, NC

Contact:   Brenda Kay Ledford
450 Swaims Road, Hayesville, NC 28904-7142

Losse, Helen

  • Facing a Lonely West
    • In poetry, memory and grief often become entangled. In Facing a Lonely West, Helen Losse deftly navigates both of these rivers as they converge and head toward an unknown sea. Even as she notes, “I am not so sure/I want to be happy,” she finds solace in her faith and in the power of her childhood recollections. Armed with this protection, she can “walk toward/an opening in the sky.” – Tim Peeler
  • Mansion of Memory
    • Publisher:   Rank Stranger Press (2012) Mt. Olive, NC
    • This chapbook, the majority which was previously published in Paper Snowflakes, raised  $1,000.00 for Joplin Bright Futures Tornado Recovery.  Joplin, MO is my hometown.These poems of memory also move forward.  The poems/prayers (you can really use them interchangeably) speak to the pull of the past, the eye that looks toward the future and the power we all have because, as Losse puts it, “happiness is a choice.”   Jessie Carty
  • Seriously Dangerous
    • Publisher:   Main Street Rag (2011) Charlotte, NC
    • In her latest book, Seriously Dangerous, Helen Losse writes “watching a sunset becomes the home/to which I must return”. Her images embrace close observations of both the natural world and of human nature, of love and of losses. These are poems that examine observations to reveal truths otherwise unseen. Losse returns again and again to times when one feels at home in the world and to the times when one doesn’t. A reader will no doubt find poems like I did to return to again and again. – Malaika King Albrecht.
    •  Nominated for the SIBA Book Award.
  • Better With Friends
    • Publisher: Rank Stranger Press (2009) Mt. Olive, NC
    • I moved like a poet—laboring—/under the weight of the burden of truth,” Helen Losse declares in the first poem from Better With Friends.  A poet does indeed labor, but in a poem, what is the truth?  Losse shows us the unrelenting details of decline and death,… but these details are not the only “truth”… in this collection.  How does the spirit shine through the labors of time?  How does [one’s] soul dance with the world given to us—family, friends, suffering, pleasure?  Losse shows us how in these poems, rich as they are in the details that embody our lives.  This is indeed the poet’s labor brought to fruition.-  Kathryn Stripling Byer
  • Paper Snowflakes
    • Publisher: Southern Hum Press (2006) Layfeyette, LA
    • Now out of print, all the poems in this chapbook of family memories are included in Mansion of Memory.
  • Gathering the Broken Pieces, #5 in the Poets on Peace Series
    • Publisher:   FootHills Publishing (2004) Kanona, NY
    • In this chapbook, my first published collection, I combine my interests in creative writing and African American history with emphasis on equality, justice, and a quest for peace.

Contact:  Helen Losse
2569 Wood Valley Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106


Macon, Valerie

  • Shelf Life

    • Publisher:   Old Mountain Press (2011)   Webster, NC
    • Poetry that explores the joys and sorrows that bookend life. Recently nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Contact:   Valerie Macon
1207 Cheraw Court
Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

Makuck, Peter

  • Long Lens: New & Selected Poems
    • Publisher: BOA Editions (2010), Rochester, NY
  • Back Roads
    • Publisher: Independent Press (2009), Greenville, NC
    • A chapbook of poems
  • Off-Season in the Promised Land
    • Publisher: BOA Editions (2005), Rochester, NY
  • Into the Frame
    • Publisher: Independent Press (2004), Greenville, NC
    • A chapbook of poems
  • Costly Habits
    • Publisher: University of Missouri Press (2002), Columbia, MO
    • A collection of short fiction
  • Against Distance
    • Publisher: BOA Editions (1997), Rochester, NY
  • Shorelines
    • Publisher: GreenTower Press (1995), Maryville, MO
    • A chapbook of poems
  • An Open World: Essays on Leslie Norris
    • Publisher: Camden House Press (1993), Rochester, NY
    • A collection of essays, edited with Eugene England
  • The Sunken Lightship
    • Publisher: BOA Editions (1990), Rochester, NY
  • Pilgrims
    • Publisher: Ampersand Press (1987), Bristol, RI
    • A chapbook of poems
    • Winner of the 1988 Kincaid-Brockman Award
  • Where We Live
    • Publisher: BOA Editions (1982), Rochester, NY
    • With a preface by Pulitzer Prize winner Louis Simpson
  • Breaking and Entering
    • Publisher: University of Illinois Press (1981), Urbana, IL
    • A collection of short fiction

Contact: Peter Makuck

Manning, David T.

  • Continents of Light
    • Publisher: Finishing Line Press (2010) Georgetown, KY
    • Chapbook of love poems
  • Light Sweet Crude
    • Publisher:   Pudding House Publications (2009)   Columbus, Ohio
    • Mostly humor.
  • The Flower Sermon
    • Publisher:   Main Street Rag (2007)   Charlotte, NC
    • The Flower Sermon is a full-length poetry collection. Themes include: the spirit, wilderness, night and dreams, and when the world was young.
  • Detained by the Authorities
    • Publisher:   Pudding House Publications (2007)   Johnstown, Ohio
  • The Ice-Carver
    • Publisher:   Longleaf Press / Methodist College (2004)   Fayetteville, NC
    • Winner of the Longleaf Press Poetry Award 2004.
  • Out After Dark
    • Publisher:   Pudding House Publications (2003)   Johnstown, Ohio
  • Poets Anonymous
    • Publisher:   Old Mountain Press (2001)   Fayetteville, NC
    • In Poets Anonymous, a self-help group of poetry addicts shares confessions of old schoolyard scrapes, troublesome neighbors, and golf-partners returned from the dead. Recollections of college years, the corporate world, and rural antics give rise to ironic commentary.
  • Negotiating Physics and Other Poems
    • Publisher:   Old Mountain Press (1999)   Fayetteville, NC
    • Negotiating Physics celebrates the lives of a variety of critters in the animal and plant kingdoms, observed in their suburban habitats.

Contact:   David T. Manning
422 Knotts Valley Lane, Cary, NC 27519

McLean, Joan

  • Up From Dust
    • Publisher:   Finishing Line Press (2009)   Georgetown, KY
    • Poetry Chapbook

Contact:   Joan McLean
1312 Woody Store Rd., Siler City, NC 27344

McVickers, Marilyn

  • Some Shimmer of You
    • Publisher:   Finishing Line Press (2014)   Georgetown, KY
    • Within Marilyn McVicker’s chapbook Some Shimmer of You shines a compelling narrative of a mother who loses custody of her three daughters because she is a lesbian. Beneath the powerful narrative, her poems simmer with longing and the universal experience of loss and trying to make sense of loss. These poems will call you back to them again and again with flashes of recognition of our shared struggles with love, loss, and longing. — Malaika King Albrecht, founding editor of Redheaded Stepchild Magazine, author of Lessons in Forgetting

Contact:   Marilyn McVicker

Meyers, Susan

  • Keep and Give Away
    • Publisher:   University of South Carolina Press (2006)   Columbia, SC
    • Winner of the South Carolina Poetry Book Prize, selected by poet Terrance Hayes.
  • Lessons in Leaving
    • Publisher:   Persephone Press (1998)   Whispering Pines, NC
    • Seventh Persephone Press Book Award, selected by poet Brendan Galvin.

Contact:   Susan Meyers
P.O. Box 188, Summerville, SC 29484

Mohney, Sally Stewart

  • A Piece of Calm
    • Publisher:   Finishing Line Press (2014)   Georgetown, KY
    • “Sally Stewart Mohney gives us vivid insights into nature and family in these excellent poems, but what I admire just as much is the superb sound-play in her poetry.” – Ron Rash
    • “Mohney’s poems sing with mystery, but they are never ethereal, never ephemeral or buried in obliquity.  Instead, Mohney’s world is rooted in stunning imagery and clarity, and her poems are designed with care and grace.  They are bold, luminous and tender, gathered together to form vivid silences that reside in both heart and mind.  Their lyricism and incandescence demand multiple readings.  Mohney is a new and significant voice in American poetry.” – William Wright, Editor of the Southern Poetry Anthology
  • pale blue mercy
    • Publisher:   Main Street Rag (2013)   Charlotte, NC
    • pale blue mercy is a compelling collection of daring poems.  Poetic power rests in Sally Stewart Mohney’s style–each poem stripped of excessive language–and in her fearlessness as a writer to tell the truth with emotional restraint…” –  Irene Blair Honeycutt

Contact:  Sally Stewart Mohney

Moore, Kym Gordon

  • Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry
    • Publisher:   Outskirts Press (2013)   Parker, CO
    • A collection of 81 poems besieged by segmented poetic elements of flight, taking the reader through a journey that’s entertaining, educational, emotional, nostalgic, stimulating and edifying. This eclectic collection of poems depicts experiences illustrated through various forms of self-expression and easy for readers to identify with.
    • “It was the perfect rainy weekend when my book came to my doorstep. It transported me into a calm and peaceful state.” – Francene Marie Morris, CBS Radio
  • Diversities of Gifts: Same Spirit
    • Publisher:   Outskirts Press (2009)   Parker, CO
    • This collection of personal revelatory prose and pastoral poems illustrates modern parables, helping the reader identify their spiritual gift.
    • “It is a wonderful resource that can be read over and over again for fresh, new insights into recognizing , developing and utilizing our natural talents and God-given gifts to the fullest.” – Patricia Neely-Dorsey, author of Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life in Poems

Contact:   Kym Gordon Moore


Osborn, Alice

  • After the Steaming Stops
    • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2012), Charlotte, NC
    • “This is a book crammed with images, explicit descriptions, characters and emotions. It needs to be read.”—Sara Claytor
  • Unfinished Projects
    • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2010), Charlotte, NC
    • “This is a poet whose sensibilities you can trust, who gives you the truth and dares you to drink it straight.” —Keith Flynn, editor of The Asheville Poetry Review
  • Right Lane Ends
    • Publisher:   Catawba Publishing (2006)   Charlotte, NC
    • Explores loss, love, and family relationships through the lens of driving and being a driver. The poems are powerful and personal and deal with past and present experiences that connect universally with readers. “Whether the subject is small (a mosquito) or momentous (a lynching), Alice Osborn treats every experience with memorable images and sharp vision.” – Sally Buckner

Contact:   Alice Osborn
9660-138 Falls of Neuse #294, Raleigh, NC 27615

Owens, Scott

  • For One Who Knows How to Own Land
    • Publisher:FutureCycle Press (2012), Mineral Bluff, GA
    • Landscape and memory are seamlessly merged in this excellent volume. Like all the best writers of place, Scott Owens finds the heart’s universal concerns in his vivid rendering of piedmont Carolina.-Ron Rash
  • Something Knows the Moment
    • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2011), Charlotte, NC
    • Scott Owens has the audacity to reimagine The Good Book and its often confusing and ignorant and yet noble eco-system. It is a resurrection not to be missed: haunted, funny, and outrageous, by turns, fiercely imagined, wonderfully accessible, Scott Owens’ latest shows him to be one of the most engaging and readable poets currently working in the South. -David Rigsbee
  • Paternity
    • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2010), Charlotte, NC
    • Poems of aching tenderness. Paternity explores with a discerning, clear-eyed sensitivity, the daily small delights, frustrations, and purely unexpected miracles that, taken together, make up the building blocks of one father’s personal salvation.” —Joanna Catherine Scott
  • The Nature of Attraction
    • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2010), Charlotte, NC
    • Baudelaire once wrote, “Romanticism is precisely situated neither in choice of subject nor exact truth, but in the way of feeling.” This stirring, painful, and wondrous poetic exchange between two master craftsmen breaks the traditional mould while at the same time reinforcing it. The personas created by Owens and Campbell speak truths that many of us often deny. “The Nature of Attraction” is truly a marvelous read that is surely not for the faint of heart. -Carter Monroe
  • The Fractured World
    • Publisher:   Main Street Rag (2008)   Charlotte, NC
    • “A courageous examination of the long term effects of child abuse in our society” -Tim Peeler.
    • “A powerful, disturbing look at our contemporary fractured world” -Kay Byer.
  • The Persistence of Faith
    • Publisher:   Sandstone Publishing (1993)   Charlotte, NC
    • “A fresh strong rethinking, reknowing of our religious truths” -Fred Chappell.
    • “The excellent debut of a new voice in American poetry” -Stuart Dischell.

Contact:   Scott Owens
838 4th Ave. Dr. NW, Hickory, NC 28601


Pierre, Rebecca

  • A Mystery of Moon
    • Publisher:   Main Street Rag (2005)   Charlotte, NC
    • Visual as well as introspective poems concerning experiences that fate pushes before us all.

Contact:   Rebecca Pierre
129 NE 36th Street, Oak Island, NC 28465

Pinckney, Diana

  • Green Daughters

    • Publisher: Lorimer Press (2011) Davidson, NC
    • Diana Pinckney’s fourth collection of poems is a full-length book inspired by the sea, it’s beauty, power and mystery. Mostly narrative, these poems weave fantasy with family history. Voices out of real life and imagined characters speak to each other and the author hopes, whoever chooses to listen or turn the pages of Green Daughters.
  • Alchemy

    • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2004) Charlotte, NC
  • White Linen

    • Publisher: Nightshade Press (1998) Troy, ME

Contact: Diana Pinckney
(704) 377-6159
2215 Malvern Rd.
Charlotte, N.C. 28207

Poole, Brenda

  • Pilgrim in an Unholy Land
    • Publisher:   A Modern Woman Publishing (2003)   Graham, NC
    • Poems about life, love, nature, faith and the condition of the world.

Contact:   Brenda Poole
214 Carden Road, Graham, NC 27253

Presnell, Barbara

  • Sherry’s Prayer
    • Publisher:   North Carolina Humanities Council (2004)   Greensboro, NC
    • Winner of the 2004 Linda Flowers Prize. A suite of poems in the first person voices of millworkers in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Photos.
  • Los Hijos
    • Publisher:   Longleaf Press / Methodist College (2002)   Fayetteville, NC
    • Los Hijos, a collection of 19 poems, chronicles Presnell’s journey into Mexico with her journalist husband, son, and missionaries.
  • Unravelings
    • Publisher:   Longleaf Press / Methodist College (1998)   Fayetteville, NC
    • Winner of the Longleaf Press Competition and the Oscar Arnold Young Award for Best Book, 1999. Chapbook of poems with a southern lyrical voice.
  • Snake Dreams
    • Publisher:   Nightshade Press (1994)   Troy, Maine
    • Winner of the Zoe Kincaid Brockman Award for Best Book, 1995. From snakes to string beans, Elvis to Daniel Boone, Snake Dreams is a true Southern experience.

Contact:   Barbara Presnell
17 Hege Drive, Lexington, NC 27292

Price, Bobby

  • The View from the Void
    • Publisher: St. Andrews Press (2010) Laurinburg, NC
    • This, my third book, is my response to illness after a 2002 surgery to remove a grapefruit-sized brain tumor, during which I also had a stroke. It is poetry with bits of prose used to bridge.
    • Bobby Price has written an honest and bare-bones book that’s a response to his brush with death-and it gives all who read it a deep appreciation of the poetry that lives in him and which he, through his talent and spirit, awakens in all of us.  This book helps me believe that if I ever go through the horror he’s been through, my voice might rise like his:  defiant, clear, wise, and with an edge that will move readers after we’re all gone. -Clyde Edgerton

Contact: Bobby G. Price
1114 Park Avenue A, Goldsboro, NC 27530


Radavich, David

  • Middle-East Mezze
    • Plain View Press (2011) Austin, TX.
    • This collection focuses on Iraq, Palestine, and Egypt. Based on the author’s family connections and travel to the region, these lyric yet sometimes searing verses offer a mezze, or smorgasbord, of experiences in the Near East—from the enchantments of myth and legend to the all-too-real hardships of war and occupation. The poems move through suffering and pain toward tentative healing and reconciliation.
  • Canonicals: Love’s Hours.
    • Finishing Line Press (2009) Georgetown, KY.
    • These love poems explore differing moods, times of day, intensity or rest, and seasons of change.
  • America Bound: An Epic for Our Time.
    • Plain View Press (2007) Austin, TX.
    • A series of interlocking monologues by everyday Americans narrates the evolution of our culture from World War II to the present.
  • Greatest Hits.
    • Pudding House Publications (2000) Columbus, OH.
    • A grouping of the poet’s most popular poems.
  • By the Way: Poems over the Years.
    • Buttonwood Press (1998) Champaign, IL.
    • The central motif is life’s journey, inward and outward—from Kansas through cancer to the shimmering colors of the Middle East.

Contact: David Radavich
6216 Glenridge Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211

Ransom, Augustus

  • While Sitting Under the Hickory Nut Tree
    • Publisher:   Trafford Publishing Service (2005)   Victoria, BC
    • A collection of spiritually inspirational poetry.

Contact:   Rev. Augustus Ransom, M.Div.
1620 Cherokee Trail, Sanford, NC 27332

Riviere – Seel, Pat

  • No Turning Back Now
    • Publisher:   Finishing Line Press (2004)   Georgetown, KY
    • Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Contact:   Pat Riviere-Seel
107 Maple Drive, Asheville, NC 28805



Sadler, Lynn Veach

  • Winding-Water-Banquets
    • Publisher: Finishing Line Press (2011) Georgetown, KY
  • Hearts Divided: Poems of the Civil War
    • Publisher: March Street Press (2009) Greensboro, NC
  • Mining (Chapbook)
    • Publisher: March Street Press (2009) Greensboro, NC
  • America
    • Publisher: Poets Corner Press (2006) Stockton, CA
    • Honorable Mention, Poets Corner Press Competition
  • Poet Geography
    • Publisher:   Mount Olive College Press (2002)   Mount Olive, NC
    • Lee Witte Poetry Contest Winner
    • Illustrations by Alvin Hartness
  • Lynn Veach Sadler: Greatest Hits, 1995-2001
    • Publisher:   Pudding House Publications (2002)   Johnstown, OH
    • Pudding House’s (Invitational) National Archiving Project, Poets’ Greatest Hits

Contact:   Dr. Lynn Veach Sadler
163 Wood Wedge Way, Sanford, NC 27332

Scott, Joanna Catherine

  • Fainting at the Uffizi
    • Publisher:   Frith Press (2005)   Sacramento, CA
    • Winner of the Frith Press 2005 Ekphrasis Prize. Ekphrastic poems set in Florence, Italy.
  • Breakfast at the Shangri-La
    • Publisher:   Black Zinnias / California Institute of Arts and Letters (2004)   Palo Alto, CA
    • Winner of the 2003 Black Zinnias Poetry Book Award (
  • Coming Down from Bataan
    • Publisher:   Meckler & Deahl (2001)   Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    • Winner of the Acorn-Rukeyser Award.
  • Birth Mother
    • Publisher:   Longleaf Press / Methodist College (2000)   Fayetteville, NC
    • Winner of the Longleaf Press Poetry Award 2000.

Contact:   Joanna Catherine Scott
2477 Foxwood Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Sherbondy, Maureen

  • Weary Blues
    • Publisher: Big Top Publishing Company (2010) Newton, MA.
    • Weary Blues resonates and haunts like any lyrical piece you can’t get out of your head. This is a musical poet… she reminds us with graceful insights and unforgettable images of the restorative power of letting go, of honoring the present in order to move more strongly forward.” — Linda Lee Harper, author of Toward Desire and Kiss Kiss
  • Praying at Coffee Shops
    • Publisher:   Main Street Rag (2008)   Charlotte, NC
    • Poems about rituals, ceremonies, and about being a Jew in the South.
  • After the Fairy Tale
    • Publisher:   Main Street Rag (2007)   Charlotte, NC
    • This 38-page chapbook is the author’s first published book.
    • See to learn more about it.

Contact:   Maureen Sherbondy
321 Jellison Court, Raleigh, NC 27615

Sisk, Liza

  • On Being Alive
    • Publisher: Llumina Press (2007) Coral Springs. FL
    • “Sisk’s poems unfold almost as a novel that chronicles her life. Deeply felt and astonishingly intimate, Sisk acquaints us with her struggle to break through the protective emotional wall she built around herself as a child and finally engage fully in the richness of life. The poet’s photos add texture and insight to the wonderful verse.” – Ellen Turner Marsh
  • Condominiums, Conch Shells and Consciousness
    • Publisher: Llumina Press (2007) Coral Springs. FL
    • “Liza Sisk, in her final poem of this book, writes – “Rarely do we notice that the Fibonacci/series repeats in our stream / of consciousness.” Every sequence of poems in this collection confirms that possibility. Sisk’s subjects move in and out of the particular and the universal, creating an order in chaos, which the reader is left to discover. – Cathy Smith Bowers
  • New and Selected Poems: Part 1; Ginnungagap
    • Publisher: Aldrich Press (2013) Torrance, CA
    • “These poems crackle with verbal electricity, with an honesty and attentiveness that can often make the reader step back from the page to take a deep breath.” – Kathryn S. Byer
    • “Notice Liza’s ability to use a variety of forms so appropriate to the subject matter that we barely notice the form until we finish reading.” — William Sommers

    Contact:  Liza Sisk
    3000 Galloway Ridge, Apt. B-107
    Pittsboro, NC 27312
    919 545-2244

    Soniat, Katherine

    • A Raft, A Boat, A Bridge

      • Publisher: Dream Horse Press (2012) Aptos, CA
      • Within the composure of Katherine Soniat’s phrasing in A Raft, A Boat, A Bridge something unsettled emerges and will not rest. She presents us with a richly conceived world ‘given to see through.’ But the seeing is rigorous. These poems are revelatory. —Ron Slate, author of The Great Wave
      • How might one move quietly and slowly enough—crossing water to land or to ether, to high altitudes or low, the strange or the everyday—to give us time to dream what happened on both banks? In A Raft, A Boat, A Bridge, Katherine Soniat’s beautifully understated poems sometimes pass through places of great pain, but ultimately beyond them as well. Myth and history, mountains and deserts, grief and intimacy are all transformed in this collection into a poetry of depth, dignity, and richness of language. —Lisa Lewis, author of Silent Treatment
      • One kind of lyric is a vertical narrative that demands dense fuel to attain escape velocity. For Katherine Soniat, the heavy metals of the everyday yield a superheated plasma that seem virtually effortlessly extracted (though it is never so): “The astronomers call for marvels, a cosmic shower / in the pre-dawn sky. But this dog won’t be energized / by prediction.” The epicenter of her poems’ orbit is the heart of a long and rich poetic tradition, which means it is also the human heart, and that is just were it ought to be, for Soniat’s masterful work reveals again and again such inexhaustible power. —T.R. Hummer, author of Ephemeron
    • The Swing Girl

      • Publisher: Louisiana State University Press (2011) Baton Rouge, LA
      • “Many poets have written of the Mediterranean, but Katherine Soniat gives us poetry that so vividly calls up contemporary and ancient Greece, the hard light, the sea, the god-haunted groves and the graves, we feel as if we are there ourselves. Music propels this collection from poem to poem, music so beautiful that one wants only for it to keep playing. Poems in The Swing Girl possess an unsettling elusiveness though the language is stunningly exact, the focus clear and precise. The reader becomes immersed in foreshortened moments, things moving in and out of the periphery, odd alignments. We see the world anew”—Kelly CherryPoems in The Swing Girl eddy and pool in unpredictable and often surprising ways, much as the mind moves in its twilight state between waking and sleep. The fluidity of their cadence and the luminosity of their imagery carry the reader to the wellspring of poetry itself, that deep delight of which Robert Penn Warren spoke, whose source is, in Soniat’s words, ‘beauty on its way to being mystery.’”—Kathryn Stripling Byer
    • The Fire Setters

      • Publisher:   The Literary Review/Web del Sol On-Line Chapbook Series (2002)   Madison, NJ
    • Alluvial
      • Publisher:   Bucknell University Press (2001)   Lewisburg, PA
    • A Shared Life
      • Publisher:   University of Iowa Press (1994)   Iowa City, IA
      • Winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize and a Virginia Prize for Poetry.
    • Cracking Eggs
      • Publisher:   The University of Central Florida Press (1990)   Orlando, FL
    • Winter Toys
      • Publisher:   The Green Tower Press (1989)   Maryville, MO
      • A chapbook.
    • Notes of Departure
      • Publisher:   The Walt Whitman Center for the Arts and Humanities (1985)   Camden, NJ
      • Camden Prize for Poetry.

    Contact:   Katherine Soniat
    9 Waverly Rd., Asheville, NC 28803

    Spangler, G.E.

    • Tunnel Vision Poetry
      • Publisher:   PublishAmerica (2005)   Frederick, MD

    Contact:   Gary Spangler

    P.O. Box 184, Barium Springs, NC 28010

    Steele, Celisa

    • How Language is Lost
      • Publisher: Emrys (2011), Greenville, SC
      • How Language Is Lost is Celisa Steele’s first chapbook of poems and the twelveth publication in the selective chapbook and poetry series begun by Emrys in 1995. Ron Rash describes Celisa as “one of the Carolinas’ finest poets,” and Janice Moore Fuller calls her “a nimble metalinguist.” Anthony S. Abbott finds in How Language Is Lost “a delightful play of language, a sheer joy at how language is not lost, how language can take any experience and transform it into passion, into humor, into fresh and unusual insights into the seemingly ordinary experiences of life.”

    Contact: Celisa Steele

    Stirewalt, Luther

    • Autographiti
      • Publisher:   Self (2004)   Hillsborough, NC
      • Poems from many years of writing on the walls of heart and mind.

    Contact:   Luther Stirewalt
    2601 Shadetree Road, Hillsborough, NC 27278


    Taylor, Nancy Dew

    • Stepping on Air
      • Publisher: Emrys Press (2008) Greenville, SC.
      • A Chapbook of Poems

    Contact: Nancy Dew Taylor
    11 Ashwicke Ln, Greenville, SC 29615

    Taylor, Richard Allen

    • Punching Through the Egg of Space
      • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2010)
    • Something to Read on the Plane
      • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2004)
      • Finalist in MSR’s 2004 Chapbook Contest

    Contact: Richard Allen Taylor


    Weil, Eric

    • Returning from Mars
      • Publisher: Main Street Rag Publishing Company (2009) Charlotte, NC
    • A Horse at the Hirshhorn
      • Publisher: Finishing Line Press (2002) Georgetown, KY
      • “Eric Weil’s A Horse at the Hirshhorn is a solid yet energetic selection of poems. This poet shows in both story-poem and charged lyric that he knows his subject matter to its heart’s core. He knows too the obligation of respect for what he writes about and for how he writes it. Admirable!”
        — Fred Chappell, former NC poet laureate
      • “Displaying clarity, variety, and remarkable range, Eric Weil’s poems move from depth to light with a fine agility.”
        — Betty Adcock
      • “It’s this emotional roller coaster on which we all ride that is the stuff of good poetry and Weil captures it for us with all its harsh imperfections, using language and imagery to which we can all relate.”
        — M. Scott Douglass, Editor, Main Street Rag

    Contact: Eric Weil
    131 Hunters Trail West
    Elizabeth City, NC 27909

    Whitley, Robin

    • In A Southern Closet
      • Publisher: Regal Crest (2011) Nederland, TX
      • This book is a compilation of poetry, reflections, and essays. Written in a style showing the challenges that the LGBT Christian faces in living an open life, while also seeking to live a life of faith. The topics covered speak to the struggles each human being faces in life.

    Contact: Robin Whitley

    Wilson, Dede

    • One Nightstand
      • Publisher: Main Street Rag (2004) Charlotte, NC
      • A playful book of poems in traditional and non-traditional forms, followed by a primer to the forms used in the book. Also includes an essay on the emergence of free verse. Invaluable tool for poets and teachers of poetry.
    • Sea of Small Fears
      • Publisher:   Main Street Rag (2001)   Charlotte, NC
      • Winner: Main Street Rag Chapbook Competition.
      • Poems on sailing in Japan in a son’s leaky sailboat—with piquant views of Japan.
    • Glass
      • Publisher: Scots Plaid Press (1998) Carthage, NC
      • Published as a finalist in the Persephone Press Chapbook Competition.
      • Poems on the loss of a daughter.

    Contact:   Dede Wilson
    2409 Knollwood Road, Charlotte, NC 28211-2707

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