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    "…you say aloud
    to the road, I can never forget this,
    by which, of course, you mean you’ll never remember. "

    -from Catherine Carter's 'Day of the Dead'


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North Carolina Poetry Competition Adult Contest Winners Announced

We are pleased and proud to share the winners of our 2015 North Carolina Poetry Society Contest winners.  Congratulations to each of the winners, finalists, and honorable mentions.


The Poet Laureate Award, with preliminary judge Elena Karina Byrne and final judge Tony Medina

 Winner: Marty Silverthorne, “Testimonial of Jars”


Stella Ward Whitlock, “Blanket”

Joe Mills, “Exit Pursued By a Bear”

Larry Sorkin, “Fish that Fly”

Duane R. Christianson, “Grandfather Anton”

Sharon A. Sharp, “Near Trout Lake, Early Afternoon”

Mary Hennessy, “Occupied Japan”

Alana Sherrill, “Of Land and Sea”

Deborah H. Doolittle, “Saying It with Flowers: Three Valentines for African-American History Month”

Celisa Steele, “The Brightness of Stars”


Thomas H. McDill Award, with judge Gary Fincke

1st place:      Cathy Sky, “Lemniscates”

2nd place:    Florence Nash, “What is Handed Down”

3rd place:    Mary Hennessy, “Quiet”

Honorable Mentions

Jeanne Julian, “View from the Shade”

Bill Griffin, “Leaving Woltz Hospice Home, Late October”

Marty Silverthorne, “Last Batch”


 Caldwell Nixon Jr. Award, judged by Laura Shovan

1st place: Alana Sherrill, “For Georgia at Your Recital”

2nd place: C. Pleasants York, “Pretzel”

3rd place: Barbara Blanks, “Ostrich” 

Honorable Mentions

Susan Lefler, “How to Be a Dragon”

J.C. Elkin, “Taking Leave”


Joanna Catherine Scott Award, judged by Jeff Hardin

1st place: Debbie Scott, “Sonnet 0.6667º S, 90.5500º W”

2nd place Eric Weil, “Roadside Memorials”

3rd place: Preston Martin, “On Finding a Lost Travelling Companion”

Honorable mentions:

Karen Dresser, “Gauguin Receives a Present from Van Gogh”

Sharon A. Sharp, “Glimmerings”

Lynn Paul Elwell, “Sonnet for Schlomo”



Mary Ruffin Poole American Heritage Award, judged by Rebecca Foust

1st place: Deborah H. Doolittle, “Cutting Wood”

2nd place: Ashley T. Memory, “Phalaenopsis”

3rd place: Susan Lefler, “In which Leonard Cohen takes up smoking again and I consider getting struck by lightning” 

Honorable mentions

Tammy McAnally, “American History”

Coyla Barry, “Davy’s Locker”

Glenna Wolf, “I’ll Bet You Whistle”

Katherine Kennedy McIntyre Light Verse Award, judged by Kelli Russell Agodon

1st place: C.G. Thompson, “The Lost and the Never-Existed”

2nd place: David T. Manning, “Quantum Logic for Everyman”

3rd place: Beth Browne, “Happiness Postponed”

 Honorable Mentions:

William Hubbard, “Carolina Wren”

Glenda Council Beall, “Ode to Real Butter”

Patty Cole, “The Story of My Crisper Drawer”


Griffin-Farlow Haiku Award, judged by Michael Dylan Welch

(The poems are identified by their first lines in square brackets.)

1st place: Patricia Daharsh, [“partial eclipse”]
2nd place: Crystal Simone Smith, [“plantation tour”]
3rd place: Chen-ou Liu, [“thinking of mom”] 

Honorable Mentions

Tracy Davidson, [“autumn moon”]

Judit Katalin Hollos, [“white night”]

Nancy Shires, [“magnolia”]


Poetry of Courage Award, judged by Alison Stone

1st place: C.G. Thompson, “The Existential Elevator”

2nd place: Joyce Compton Brown, “What Pearl Knows”

3rd place: Mary Hennessy, “April’s Porch Swing Psalter”

Honorable mentions:

Cathy Sky, “Fish Magic”

Hannah Moyles, [“Chin Up, Claws Out”]


Carol Bessent Hayman Poetry of Love Award, judged by Shadab Zeest Hashmi

 1st place: Sarah Edwards, “Tryst”

2nd place: Ashley T. Memory, “Napoleon and Antosia”

3rd place: Cathy Sky, “Wing of the Fan”

 Honorable mentions:

Sara Gipson, “Through the Eyes of Love”

Mary Hennessy, “On Reading Poetry to My First Born”

Jo Ann S. Hoffman, “There Is Only This”


Ruth Morris Moose Sestina Award, judged by Sandy Longhorn

1st place: Eric Weil, “The Past”

2nd place: Melissa Slayton, “Carolina Winter”

3rd place: Susan Willey Spalt, “Sestina for Marguerite”

Honorable mention: Bill Griffin, “Once Upon”







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